Tournament Rules


Soccer Tournament Rules


Team Check-in Details


- Official Roster

  • If using US Youth Soccer, the roster must be signed by the club registrar. (no write-ins by anyone other than the club registrar)
  • If using US Club Soccer, teams must provide an official US Club roster. (no write-ins).  Even though actual physical player cards are not required, each player on the printed roster must be cleared through US Club.  If "No Card" is listed by a player's name, they have not been cleared through US Club.  You can call the US Club office and ask for them to be processed in time or provide a current US Club card from 2021-22.

-  Medical releases

-     Teams must show copies of medical releases for their players.  Teams can use whatever version of a medical release that their club uses.  There is no tournament specific medical release. Or having the entire team members medical release forms on file.


-     Players cards are NOT required!  We use the official roster as proof of registration and birth date (if using US Club see roster requirements above).


Check-in (NEW):  Check-in for all teams will take place through EMAIL 3 days before the tournament. Email the final roster to

  1. Official tournament roster signed by association registrar or an official US Club roster as described above.
  2. US Club player passes must accompany the official US Club roster incase if needed.
  3. Travel Permission form if necessary


Foreign Teams – For a team coming from a CONCACAF nation:

  1. Players must present passports at registration or, if from a nation that the United States does not require a passport, proof of entry into the United States that is required by the United States.
  2. Teams are required to have and present player picture identification cards.
  3. Tournament rules must require that the team have a completed form from its Provincial or National Association approving the team’s participation in the tournament.



Tournament is open to teams from U-9,10 Dev to U19, Boys and girls.

Maximum team roster per age groups is as follow:  REVISED

  1. U9 – U10 …. Maximum 12 players (not to exceed 12)
  2. U11 – 12 ….. Maximum 16 players (not to exceed 16).
  3. U13 – U19 ….Maximum 18 players (not to exceed 18)


Guest Players are unlimited as long as they are registered with a US Soccer affiliated organization and all players on roster are from the same organization.


  • Home team is the first team listed on the schedule. In Playoff matches Home team is the team with the higher number of points from group play.


  • Both Teams must bring two sets of uniforms to each game, however if the referee determines there is a conflict, the home team will be required to change. In playoff matches the team with the lower amount of group play points is required to change.


  • Teams will be located during games, on the same side of the field. Spectators will be on the opposite side. No persons are permitted behind the goals.



  • Player picture identification cards are to be present and available at all matches.


  • The shirt number of each player must be the same as the player’s shirt number on the roster supplied at check in. If the numbers are not the same, the referee is not to allow the player to take part in the match until the numbers are the same. (Example – the players changing his or her shirt)



  • The games will be played in conformity with the rules of FIFA, USYSA and USSF, unless otherwise stated herein.


  • Modification of Games Rules for tournament





  • U9 – U10 Dev. 25 minute halves / 7 players a side
  • U11 – U12 Dev. 25 minute halves / 9 players a side
  • U13 – U15, 30 minute halves / 11 players a side
  • U16 – U19, 35 minute halves / 11 players a side


  • In Playoffs two full 5-minutes overtime periods will be played. If a tie still exists after overtime play, FIFA "Penalty Mark" will be used to determine the winner.




A player may be substituted at a stoppage of play with the permission of the referee.



  • If the age group is 15 and under, free substitution is allowed.


  • For age group 16 and older, free substitution is allowed providing the age category does not include matches between national teams of any CONCACAF member countries. If it does include national teams, then up to six substitutions are allowed.



  • Shin Guards – REQUIRED for all players (no exceptions.)


  • Casts – soft casts are permitted with the permission of the referee.

For U10 and 11 group ONLY:

  1. Build out line (Line of confrontation)is a line between the top of the box and center of the field. On a goal kick and/or ball distribution by the goalkeeper, the opposing team players SHALL remain behind the "Build out line" (not crossing) until a defender touches the ball. Once the ball is touched/played by a defending team player, the players from opposing team can enter and challenge the player.
  2. There is no heading allowed for this age group.
  3. There is no punting by the goalkeeper allowed.
  4. And indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposition.



 Tournament Format: First round is round robin where numbers permit. Amount of advancing teams is based upon the numbers in the round robin play. Same for all age groups.

  • Match Schedules – Minimum number of matches a team will play is four. Number of matches per day will be a minimum of zero to a maximum of three. Majority will be one or two per day. Same for all age groups.
  • Procedure for Determining a Winner – Matches that require a winner (all playoff matches) if after regulation the game is still tied two full 5-minutes overtime periods will be played. If a tie still exists after overtime play, FIFA "Penalty Mark" will be used to determine the winner.
  • Referees – All matches will use referees certified by the Federation.
  • Match Delays, Suspensions, Cancellations - Any match delays due to the weather or other situations will be handled by the tournament director based upon rescheduling openings or cancellation of play.


Refund Policy – No refund of entry fee due to cancellations. If a team applies to tournament and cancels before the deadline of registration refund will be granted minus a $200 administrative fee. If a team cancels after the registration deadline no refund will be given.



  • Forfeit will happen if a team does not show up 5 minutes after the game is

supposed to start.

  • Minimum number of players to constitute team and start a match is seven.
  • Once a team forfeits a match all further games will be forfeited as well.
  • Forfeited match results in a 0-1 loss for forfeited team.



A point system is employed to determine the order of finish in-group play, as follows:


Three (3) points for a win

One (1) point for a tie

Zero (0) point for a loss

A team winning by FORFEIT will be awarded THREE (3) points and ONE goal.


If teams are equal in points, the tie-breakers, in order shall be:


  • Head to head competition (If teams did not play against each other, move to next tie-breaker)
  • Goal differential, i.e. total team goals for, minus goals against (max goal for/against is six per game)
  • Less goals scored on (max goals for is six per game)
  • Most goals scored (max goals against is six per game)
  • FIFA "Kick from the Penalty Mark."
  • A point will be deducted from total score for each red card received throughout the whole tournament.




  • Referees are responsible for reporting the cautions, and ejections to the

tournament headquarters.

  • Winning team managers are responsible for reporting the match results through online. Phone number, Event ID Number, Pin number and the game number will be provided to guide team managers to report the match result.  Make sure to have the match number as it needed to finalize the report.




  • Protests require a $300 fee and must be made to the tournament director within 45 minutes of the game ending wanting to protest. Fee is refunded if protest is upheld.
  • Disputes – Non-referee decisions (Example – player eligibility issues or disputes over tournament rules) are handled by the judiciary chair of the tournament.
  • A committee for protests and disputes is chaired and organized by the judiciary chair of the tournament.
  • The Judiciary Chair will make sure and provide a quick due process
  • Decisions by referees may not be appealed
  • Decisions by the judiciary committee deciding a protest or dispute are final and may not be appealed. 




  • Team and Spectator are expected to respect the referee and any tournament officials (ie field marshal, etc.) Any abusive action – whether verbal or physical will result in expulsion from the tournament a reported to the appropriate sanctioning organizations.
  • Ejections – A player or coach sent off during a match is not allowed to play or coach in the next match. The tournament committee may take additional disciplinary action against a team or individual for serious offenses, including suspension from the remainder of the tournament and non-eligibility for future tournaments of composed of our tournament committee. Player pass for a suspended player during the tournament  will be held by the tournament  director  during  the  team’s  game.  Suspended   players and coaches will only be allowed to sit with the spectators during the suspension period of the tournament. They will not be allowed to coach during the match.
  • Accumulation of Yellow Cards – If a player or coach receives three yellow cards they will be suspended for the next game.


Report of Disciplinary Actions:


For United States teams, misconduct will be reported to WYS and USYS if necessary. All unserved and serious disciplinary action will be reported to WYS and USYS if necessary. b. For CONCACAF teams to tournament committee will notify the US Soccer Federation of disciplinary action taken, and the Federation will transmit the disciplinary action taken or required to that team’s provincial or national association.



The following size breakdown is used: Size 4 for U10 - U12 & Size 5 for U13 – U19



The winning team from each championship game will receive one team trophy and each player will receive a gold medal. The second-place team will receive one team trophy and each player will receive a silver medal.




Any match delays due to the weather or other situations will be handled by the

tournament director based upon rescheduling or cancellation of play.

No refunds will be allowed due to the weather condition or any other conditions due to mother nature during tournament.

Should the tournament be cancelled before any games start due to exceeding the Air Quality Index recommendation, FULL refund will be grante