Goalkeeper / Attacker 3-Day Spring Break Camp

Ages 9-18
Dates: April 2-4, 2024
Time: 9:30 - 1:30 Daily
Location: Spokane Polo Fields
Cost: $95

A 3-day program designed to elevate your skills as a goalkeeper or attacker, honing your technique, game sense and tactical awareness through position-specific training, game-like scenarios and tactical awareness.

Position-Specific Training
Master the fundamentals and advanced skills for your role
Game-Like Scenarios
Put your skills to the test in realistic situations.
Tactical Awareness Training
Learn to anticipate and react to the flow of the game

Here's what to expect:

Day 1: Building the Foundation

- Goalkeepers: Command your area by mastering front and ball-line saves, low-diving saves, and play defending the goal line with masterful blocking and parrying
- Attackers: Develop precision passing and lethally accurate finishing skills for easy tap-in goals

Day 2: Refining Skills and Tactical Awareness

- Goalkeepers: Dominate the penalty area and master 1-v-1 situations with confidence
- Attackers: Break through defenses with dribbling, channel runs and breaking lines of pressure with precision passing

Day 3: Game-Specific Skills Set Plays and Crossing Mastery

- Goalkeepers: Deal with long shots, second chances and obstructed views.
- Attackers: Orchestrate plays from midfield with long cross-field passes; finish with deadly accuracy via one-time volleys; set up teammates from set pieces; and creativity in the final third

Don't miss this chance to:

- Sharpen your skills under expert guidance.
- Boost your confidence and game IQ.

Limited spots available! Register now and secure your place in this game-changing camp!