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What is the RCL (Regional Club League)?

Regional Club League (RCL), is comprised of the top clubs in the state and provides the highest-level league play and player development. To be named a Regional Club, Clubs must adhere to the Regional Club League Charter, which outlines rigorous standards including criteria and levels of coaching licensure, player development curriculum and training guidelines to ensure standardizations across the League and that all Clubs are of equivalent caliber. The RCL features flexibility in scheduling, the highest competitive level of play for teams in Washington Youth Soccer, and a commitment to development for each individual player.

What Age Groups Play in RCL?

Spokane Sounders age groups - U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, and U19 play in the RCL.

How Many Players Can Be on a RCL Roster?

The RCL allows a maximum of 22 players to be rostered, with 18 eligible to participate on game days.

How Much Travel is Involved in RCL Play?

The RCL is a statewide league. Spokane Sounders teams travel to play RCL games 50% of the time. We do our best to play double headers to cut down on travel. However, we are reliant on the help of other clubs to make this work.

Do RCL Teams Travel as a Team to Tournaments?

No, RCL teams do not travel as a team to tournaments. However, if they are participating in a Stay and Play tournament, players are required to stay at the team’s designated hotel reserved by the Team Manager.
Where are RCL Team Trainings Held and How Often Do Teams Train? Spokane Sounders RCL teams train primarily at the Polo Fields in Airway Heights. During the winter months, training is held at Dwight Merkel Complex or at Cravens. RCL teams train 2x a week.

How long is the RCL season?

League play begins in September for RCL teams. The U15-U18 Boys teams play September – January. The U13 & U14 Boys & Girls teams play September – April. U15 – U18 Girls RCL season is December – March.

What are the costs associated with playing on a RCL team?

Costs associated with participating on a RCL team include club dues coach travel fees, tournament fees and uniform fee. Coaches travel fees include league travel as well as travel to a tournament. Financial Assistance is available for players who qualify based on free/reduced lunch benefits, income, or special circumstances. When awarded, financial assistance is applied to club dues only.