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The Spokane Sounders are pleased to introduce the first Pre GA/DPL Pool in our area at the 2012 age group, while also announcing our 2012, 2013 and 2014 coaches, event calendar and our new All-Inclusive Club Dues. The U10-U12 Girls will be under the guidance of Spokane’s preeminent youth soccer director Jason Bellefeuille.


(SJP will also include the age groups of U8-U10, and if interested in SJP please email or call the club. or 509.850.7787)

The 2012 age group would be U12 soccer and our introduction of the first ever Pre-GA/DPL Pool in our area, creating the opportunity for early advanced players at the 2012 age group to join the top-rated club in the northwest in a training and competitive environment designed to prepare them for the next level. The ability to train with the top girls directors in Spokane is unmatched, and is an opportunity top players will not want to miss.

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Our tight-knit family staff is composed of high character individuals that have unmatched soccer qualifications and a proven history in Spokane. Our staff from top to bottom believes in proper age-appropriate ways to teach the world’s most beautiful game. Across all age groups and genders we have pillars in our community from Spokane Valley Sheriff to City of Spokane Prosecutors, to elementary school teachers, to the only club with current NCAA Division I & III coaches.

Laying the Foundation in the correct way and learning the game to be played in an advanced, possession-focused environment akin to the professional and international game is a must at these youngest age groups. Our 2012, 2013, and 2014 girls staff provides the greatest opportunity for players at these ages to not only excel, while growing their love of the game, but also enjoy playing the world’s most beautiful game.

Spokane Sounders is the club that truly merges character and soccer development. The club and staff are unified behind an emphasis and belief in utilizing the same style of play and philosophies that foster the utmost in character and soccer development. It is a staff that collaboratively together as one strong Spokane family focuses on continuing to challenge our players from across the inland northwest on and off the field to meet and succeed beyond their perceived potential on an unequaled scale.

For players at this young age group joining the club provides the greatest opportunity to move into our Girls Academy teams, which for the second consecutive year are rated as the top club in our conference – an unmatched feat in our region – as well as the opportunity to move into our Girls DPL teams, which are rated as one of the top clubs in our conference and the top club in our area. Three former players are currently playing professional soccer – two in NWSL with the San Diego Wave and Houston Dash and one abroad. Each year Spokane Sounders players are moving onto collegiate programs at an unmatched rate for the region. Though, more importantly, players graduate out and move on to impacting positively our community such as alum Megan Oliver. A recent example, she is now coaching with the club while also serving the community as a surgical trauma ICU nurse.

From the Girls U10-U12 Coaching Director, Jason Bellefeuille:

“We are excited for the up-and-coming season and can’t wait for our players and coaches to start the new year.

Players that join our U10-12 program will learn the importance of development and belief in our Long Term Development plan. At this age, it is important that players learn and understand how to play our style of soccer. It is a process that takes time, patience, mistakes, and learning and the overall belief in the process. In playing a possession-based style of play, players will make mistakes and give up goals. It’s in these moments that our coaches work with the players on learning from these moments and learning how to solve problems that are put in front of them. We will lose games at this age, by teaching and learning how to play this style of soccer. Our definition of success at the U10-12 age group is different from other clubs in our region. Seeing players build confidence in building out of the back and connecting 6, 7, 8 passes as they build their attack and create scoring chances is one of our measures of success. The results will come in time as they get older.

As a club our coaches focus on the player as a whole. Teaching them to love the game, work hard, be respectful/good teammates and an overall passion for the game.”

Coaching Lineup

2012 Pre-GA/DPL: John Palladino & Jason Bellefeuille
2012 Valley Rave: Ella Magnuson
2012 City Rave: Adrian Washington
2013 North Rave: Matt Folsom
2013 North Shale: Leif Sanders
2013 Valley Rave: Jason Bellefeuille
2013 Valley Shale: Heidi Van De Meer
2013 South Rave: Adrian Washington
2014 North Rave: Chris Opsahl
2014 South Rave: Ella Magnuson
2014 Valley Rave: Ben Atkinson

Event Calendar

– 2012 Pre GA/DPL and 2013 North and Valley Rave will attend Crossfire Challenge
– 2012 Valley and City Rave, and 2013 South Rave will attend Snohomish Bigfoot
– All teams will attend either the River City Cup or River City Challenge
– All teams will attend the Northwest Cup

League Play

Our 2012, 2013 and 2014 teams will play in the WISL.

All Inclusive Club Dues – The club is working towards eliminating assorted team fees at all levels of play for more simplified All Inclusive Club Dues*. We understand families want to plan expenses for the year – receiving invoices at varying times of the year for assorted team expenses can be difficult and tough to budget out. We want to eliminate as many assorted team fees as we possibly can. Plus, this allows families the flexibility of breaking out the All Inclusive Club Dues into a payment plan throughout the year versus all at once, which we hope can help alleviate a large one-time expense and allows families to budget for the whole year. *While we work towards completing All Inclusive Club Dues, one area we are unable to include due to the varying nature of the expenses involved is attendance of an event outside of the Northwest. This is due to multiple reasons such as: The leagues we play in have not announced national event locations or dates before our tryouts as well as flights, vans and hotel costs can vary based upon dates and location. Our GA/ECNLRL teams have club travel while DPL teams and Copa will be family travel. For these reasons events outside of the northwest will still be invoiced separately.
***Typically in a year our U10-U12 teams do not travel outside of the Northwest. We have had a team or two take on an event outside of the Northwest.

With our club dues you have the option to pay all at once or to have installments. We also consistently offer the best Financial Assistance – nobody should be unable to play because of cost.

Finally, all of us have experienced inflation the last couple of years. The club has felt the rise in expenses in all areas – refs, fields, fees from leagues and player cards.

Overall the clubs will be covering all of the below with our All Inclusive Pricing.

Player Secondary Insurance, Player card through either GA | ECNRL | DPL | WYS | WPL, League fee for any league participation GA | ECNRL | DPL | RCL | WISL | WPL, Coaches travel for all overnight league games, Crossfire Challenge Registration fee, Crossfire Challenge Coaches travel, Certified Athletic Trainers at GA | ECNLRL | DPL league games, GA | ECNLRL | DPL Bond fee, Referee Expenses, Game fields Expenses, Training field rental for 2 or 3 or 4x a week, DMC Field rental, Soccer Center field rental, Polo fields upkeep, Trace (only U13 and older), Coaches Pay as employees and payroll tax (based upon L&I coaches should not be independent contractors,) Northwest Cup entry fee, River City Cup entry fee, River City Challenge entry fee, Day to Day operation, Risk Management and background check of all coaches and staff, Coaches Soccer Training Equipment, Playmetrics, independent Certified Public Accountant, all requirement by leagues to have minimum standard met at our home field, processing fee on club dues, insurance, advertising, coaching education/training.

*** If a team decides to attend an event outside of the schedule we have put forth at tryouts, specific to their team’s calendar listed above, that would be an added expense and invoiced even if the event is in the Northwest. Reminder, any event outside of the Northwest is an added expense, like a national event or tournament like Mayors Cup.

U12 Pre GA/DPL: $1695
U11-U12 Rave: $1395
U11-U12 Shale: $1145
U10: $795

(There is also SJP at U10)


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