This week we are getting a closer look at the Sounders Junior Program’s three regions.


SJP South with John Palladino

What are the benefits of your area program?

At SJP South we know how important it is for kids to get started off on the right foot. Through fun, engaging training sessions your kids will get a head start on essential fundamentals that will provide them with a base soccer skill set so they can compete successfully and go as far as they wish on their soccer journey.

Why participate at this age in this program?

The SJP is the next step beyond recreational soccer. We recommend players and teams begin SJP for their U9, or U8 play-up, season. This is a no-cut program, rooted in our local regions, designed for players interested in exploring the next level of development and enjoyment in the beautiful game. The Spokane Sounders employ best practices – many developed by the Seattle Sounders MLS club – for youth player development to create an amazing environment for fun, community and effective training.

What can we expect for soccer development?

With a strong focus on technical ability both on the dribble and in passing, we teach the early fundamentals to allow them to play possession-based soccer where the emphasis is on working together to move the ball. By starting with tactical awareness at a young age, the players gain maturity and understanding with teamwork and organization. Defensively, we teach grit, patience, toughness, awareness and fair play so that our players are strong and successful on both sides of the ball.

What other development aspects to you focus on?

Most importantly, we have a strong focus on character development. We want the kids to discover their own potential and work hard to achieve their goals. All things are possible through hard work and persistence. We want our players to not only have the skills to compete on the field, but the character to succeed in life no matter what path they choose.

Tell us about the location for training

Based at the South Hill Complex, SJP South is poised to provide families throughout the area an excellent, convenient location to get your family started in the beautiful game.

What does the training environment entail?

Training sessions will often begin with free play of the beautiful game, transition into individual technical skill development, progress into small-sided training exercises, and with a small-sided game. This method keeps enjoyment and fun levels high as players are able to play the game for a large portion of every training session while also building foundational technical skill.

What are the overall goals of the program?

We are here to help provide your players with a strong foundation, and we believe that the soccer field is not only a place to have fun, but a place for our kids to grow, push themselves, improve, and to love that process!


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