Monday, May 9, 2022

The Spokane Sounders are proud to announce the coaching staff for the U11 and U12 teams participating in the Washington Inland Soccer League for the 2022-23 season.



G2011 Valley Rave – Jason Bellefeuille
G2011 Valley Shale – Megan Oliver
G2011 South Rave – Torrey Finn
G2011 North Rave – Christo Michaelson / Maddie Cooley
G2012 Valley Rave – Jason Bellefeuille
G2012 South Rave – John Palladino
G2012 North Rave – Christo Michaelson / Maddie Cooley
G2013 Valley Rave – Jason Bellefeuille / Megan Oliver
G2013 South Rave – Adrian Washington
G2013 North Rave – Matt Folsom




B2011 Valley Rave – Lynden Smithson
B2011 South Rave – John Palladino
B2011 North Rave – Dan Raczykowski
B2012 Valley Rave – Bryan Hernandez
B2012 South Rave – Justin LaTorre
B2012 North Rave – Jason Sandobal
B2013 Valley Rave – Bryan Hernandez
B2013 South Rave – Justin LaTorre
B2013 North Rave – Jason Sandobal

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