Coaches Announced for U11/U12 Teams

Monday, May 9, 2022

The Spokane Sounders are proud to announce the coaching staff for the U11 and U12 teams participating in the Washington Inland Soccer League for the 2022-23 season.



G2011 Valley Rave – Jason Bellefeuille
G2011 Valley Shale – Megan Oliver
G2011 South Rave – Torrey Finn
G2011 North Rave – Christo Michaelson / Maddie Cooley
G2012 Valley Rave – Jason Bellefeuille
G2012 South Rave – John Palladino
G2012 North Rave – Christo Michaelson / Maddie Cooley
G2013 Valley Rave – Jason Bellefeuille / Megan Oliver
G2013 South Rave – Adrian Washington
G2013 North Rave – Matt Folsom




B2011 Valley Rave – Lynden Smithson
B2011 South Rave – John Palladino
B2011 North Rave – Dan Raczykowski
B2012 Valley Rave – Bryan Hernandez
B2012 South Rave – Justin LaTorre
B2012 North Rave – Jason Sandobal
B2013 Valley Rave – Bryan Hernandez
B2013 South Rave – Justin LaTorre
B2013 North Rave – Jason Sandobal

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