Q: When will the YDP start?
A: The YDP will begin in the fall of 2022. Field locations and times of sessions are currently being scheduled so keep an eye on social media for updates.

Q: How long is a YDP session?
A: YDP sessions will be twice weekly and run for approximately 60 minutes.

Q: How many weeks will the YDP be running?
A: With the YDP being a club-based program, we would love for it to run year-round! Through the winter months, our players are able to utilize indoor spaces to continue their training and competitive development in games. This is truly helped by people in the community wishing to support this development by becoming an assistant or coach themselves, so there is always someone available to keep our players going through the winter.

Q: Is there a specific coach for each area?
A: To begin, our YDP director Marc Mason will be coaching each area. The goal is to bring in people that wish to develop in coaching, become leaders and assistants of these areas so that Marc can then take a step back, support these coaches and ensure each area has exactly what it needs in equipment, curriculum and in effective sessions for our players. If not, then Marc will continue to coach these areas so our players will always have a session there for them!

Q: What leagues will YDP play in?
A: The great part of the YDP having many areas in the Spokane Area, is that we can constantly play teams across those areas within our own system. Our teams will form within their home area and be able to play “away” areas on our own fields, keeping the program at no cost to you. An example of this might look like: Week 1 – YDP North plays YDP Valley, Week 2 – YDP North Plays YDP South and so on. For the more competitive players and teams within the system, we can work with teams around the local area and “push” our teams into local leagues. There should not be much travel or expense associated with this program so every effort is to be made to give the players a great developmental and competitive experience, without it costing the parents.

Q: Will U6 age group have to travel for games?
A: U6 age groups will not have to travel or compete in “competitive” games, they’re quite young and need a lot of development before being expected to play games. However, our training sessions is where this age group specifically will learn and play the real game. They will play 3 vs 3 on small fields against their peers in training and we can help them in finding space, controlling the ball and scoring lots of goals!

Q: What if my player already has experience, how can they be pushed in their development to a player that is new to the game?
A: I love this question… Each player should be treated as an individual and therefore, the practice they encounter should be set for this. It is very important to understand a player, their abilities and their needs. Through differentiation, suitable grouping and specific training for that player, this is how we can make sure each player gets just what they need in order to grow. The more people I have helping in this program, the easier we can separate ages and abilities so get in the game!

Q: Is there a pathway from the YDP into the Spokane Sounders teams as my kids get older?
A: YES! The point of this program is to encourage more players to get in the game, to learn great technical ability and learn the game from a younger age. There is a Junior Program after the YDP, then into teams within the club that play at a variety of ability levels and leagues (such as WISL, RCL, ECNL etc.). My hope is that from this program, our players love the game and our coaching methodology THAT MUCH they are soccer addicts and wish to continue to grow and compete within our club. If they don’t and they just wish to play recreationally, then at least they have built the skills within this program to help them on their way.

Q: How do I become a coach or assistant for the program?
A: Becoming a part of the YDP program will help us to bring many more players into the beautiful game. It also helps to grow our community by guiding and supporting future coaches in learning the game, learning how to best improve players and how to create impactful learning opportunities for our players in sessions. If you have an interest in helping your own or other players in the YDP grow, please follow the link and register your interest today – CLICK HERE [+]

Thank you for your questions regarding the YDP. I feel it is very important to answer these questions and give you the best and most up to date information possible, so please continue to send them. This page will continue to update as your questions come in and can be answered.

Marc Mason
YDP Director
Spokane Sounders

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