The pillars of the Spokane Sounders are the foundation of how the club approaches operating. Those pillars of Development, Competition, Community, and Enjoyment play a large role in everything and over the next two weeks we will explore it in the Why Spokane Sounders series.


The ability for players to play on the most pristine fields in our area is one of many reasons Spokane Sounders provides the best soccer environment for the Greater Spokane area. In a four-season community, having facilities that provide flexibility for training through seasonal changes and extreme weather conditions or special situations are obviously very important. While Plantes Ferry Soccer Complex, South-East Complex and Dwight Merkel are available to all area youth soccer clubs, the ability for Spokane Sounders players to have access to the Polo Grounds, Cravens, and the Spokane Soccer Center is one of many reasons of Why Spokane Sounders…

Polo Grounds

The Spokane Sounders are proud to call the Polo Grounds our home field. The large complex gives the entire club the capability of training at one location on a natural grass surface that is maintained by the club staff, ensuring outstanding training and playing conditions. The size of the complex also allows for flexible scheduling as it provides numerous full-sized fields along with plenty of space for smaller sized fields without having to overlay them and create an overuse issue. The fields are also large enough to host tournament events, creating additional competitive opportunities for teams to play opponents they may not see during a league season in a fun, event atmosphere. The facility is utilized from roughly March 15 to November 15 based upon yearly weather, providing eight months out of the year access to the top grass facility in the area.

Craven’s Coffee

The club is fortunate to also have access to a pair of small indoor fields at the Craven’s Coffee warehouse. The indoor turf fields allow teams to continue to train during winter months in a fun, non-stop kind of futsal-type environment, focusing on small group and small-space situational training. Spokane Sounders will utilize the facility extensively in the winter and also through fall and spring. Spokane Sounders are appreciative of Craven’s Coffee for the ability to utilize both fields.

Spokane Soccer Center

The city’s premier indoor center is also a training location for the Spokane Sounders. The ability to train at the SSC during winter months in a larger space allows for a training environment that can more closely replicate game-situations for a full-size field while also creating a focus on small-space situations similar to Craven’s. In addition, with a built-in soccer shop, the SSC gives players immediate access to equipment that could further their game on the pitch and their style off of it. Spokane Sounders has access to the facility year-round and is the latest facility to be added for our players.

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