The pillars of the Spokane Sounders are the foundation of how the club approaches operating. Those pillars of Development, Competition, Community, and Enjoyment play a large role in everything and over the next two weeks we will explore it in the Why Spokane Sounders series.


We cap the Why Spokane Sounders series with arguably the most important subject, and the one we are most proud of. Our coaching staff is an amazing, diverse group of experienced coaches with a vast array of backgrounds, knowledge and experiences to share and educate.

Coaching & Operations Staff

The staff is hand-picked with a wide variety and combination of experience and coach licensing with over 15 coaches with an A, B or C license, over 20 former collegiate players, and over 10 current or former collegiate coaches – all providing enthusiasm, the ability to teach the game, and tenured skills to be passed on to young soccer players. Our coaching staff is unrivaled in terms of soccer experience and coaching licensing. Our coaches are dedicated to following the four pillars. While development and competition are the obvious focal points a majority of the time whether it be during training, matches or off the pitch preparation, our coaches also emphasize that our players have fun and are striving to be outstanding members of the community now and into the future.

Also helping the club implement the four pillars is an experienced operational staff that provides valued support to our coaches and management within the club through the handling of off-the-pitch tasks such as registration, scheduling and communications. Having members of the staff that are experienced in coordinating with team managers, parents and coaches to facilitate day-to-day operations helps our coaching staff focus on the development of players, and shares the on-the-pitch experiences with family, friends and community via photos and video through our social media.

Coaching Education / Sounders FC Affiliation

The club has been long dedicated to encouraging its staff to continue their coaching education. Furthering that endeavor, the club’s affiliation with Sounders FC and the Sounders FC Academy has been a pivotal aspect in advancing coaching education not only for individual coaches, but for the club as a whole and players. The club is in regular communication with the level staff from the Sounders Academy regarding coaching philosophy, training methods and more as we continually maintain and utilize the Sounders curriculum. Part of that partnership is visitations from Sounders Academy staff to conduct coaching discussions and training walk-throughs directly with the staff utilizing Spokane Sounders players and continued evaluations of our players.

Coaching Tools

The club is also continually seeking the best tools and methods for our coaches to further the development of players. Among those TGS and Trace. The implementation for this upcoming year of TGS will provide an excellent communication tool with players and families while providing a direct and easy platform to communicate with college coaches, and Trace is the leading video technology system, providing an outstanding platform for analyzing matches that allows coaches to work with players in an interactive manner to help them understand game decisions and strategy.

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