Wednesday, October 16, 2019

“As the game came to a close the team crossed the field as they usually do. We all started to clap but then the girls began to walk towards me, each carrying the most beautiful daisy. Our daughter Lauren with the remaining flowers came and hugged me as we cried,” said Brooke Ellefsen.

Diagnosed over three years ago with stage 4 lung cancer, Brooke has been sharing her experience and battle on Facebook with the Brave Like Brooke Community page. On Saturday while at her daughter Lauren’s match with the 2006 United family the players honored Brooke during the post-game fan appreciation moment. We say family because the group has been much more than a team over these past few years with everyone rallying behind the Ellefsens to support them with rides to practices/games, get togethers and more.

“As a coach you can instruct proper technique, position, conditioning and instill some values. There is one thing you can’t coach, and that is heart – both on the field and off – and these girls have it in spades,” said coach Jason Bartlett.

If you have a moment to visit the page, we recommend it. In addition to serving as her personal journal, Brooke is currently sharing information for their upcoming 5K Fund Run (to benefit lung cancer research) taking place on November 16 during Lung Cancer Awareness month.

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