Spokane Sounders FIFA 20 on Xbox / Playstation Tournament Rules

Tournament Director: quinnl@spokanesc.org

1. Register via Google Form: https://forms.gle/VMAfxXuvPTsRsxMh7
a. Open bracket(s), normal tournament style
b. Registration deadline is April 1st at 10 pm.
c. By registering, you agree for the club to use your name on social media and share your gamer tag with other players in the tournament.

2. Tournament Dates: April 2nd to TBD – all dates/games posted on social media
a. Schedule will be released in rounds once all players have registered. Players will be emailed a schedule and must check @SpokaneSounders Instagram for updates.
b. Players will be given a deadline and must reach out to opponents to schedule games to play and submit scores by deadline. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification.

3. Gameplay rules
a. Players must use same team entire tournament
b. Guests are allowed to play (more than one player per team is ok)
c. All game time deadlines and results will be posted on @SpokaneSounders Instagram
d. Players must play online friendlies and submit a screenshot of final score screen to the tournament director via email, by the deadline. This can be done with the xbox function, or with a cell phone.
e. Home and away will be determined by tournament organizers.
f. Game must be 6 minute halves, with standard overtime (no golden goal) and penalties being played for knockout round matches and ties for group play after 90 minutes
g. Any disconnection or forfeits will be submitted for organizers to determine winner. Players may mutually agree to replay if disconnected.
h. Tournament organizers have the right to remove contestants from the tournament for any reason, including lack of sportsmanship.

4. Organizing game with opponent
a. Once the schedule is set, players will be given their opponent(s) gamer tag.
b. It is the responsibility of contestants to add gamer tag of opponent as a friend, and then to message them to set up a game time before the deadline.
c. Players will play an online friendly vs their opponent, and then send in the screenshot of the score by the deadline.
d. Players who fail to do so will be eliminated from the tournament.

5. Sending in the Results
a. Both teams must send in a screenshot of the final score to quinnl@spokanesc.org
b. Include your name, gamer tag, opponent, and final score in the email.

6. Prizes
a. The winner will win a Soccer.com gift card!

a. Please remember to play with RESPECT, and that we are all in this together at the end of the day.
b. Please report any disrespectful behavior to the tournament director, in addition to reporting the player online.
c. The tournament director will remove any disrespectful players from the tournament.

8. Highlights:
a. Please post any highlights to social media and tag Spokane Sounders SC (@spokanesounders or #spokanesounders) for us to see and share (not all will be shared)


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