Friday, June 10, 2022

The Spokane Sounders are proud to announce a partnership with COR Institute, a leader in the community in providing groundbreaking and personalized wellness services. Baseline concussion testing for all Spokane Sounders players is a key element of the partnership.

“We are excited to have forged this relationship with COR for the athletes in our club,” said Technical Director Abbas Faridnia. “The facilities and services COR provides are innovative and will provide our players another advantage in fine-tuning their capabilities.

“In addition, the baseline concussion testing will be a first for any soccer club in the region, ensuring health for our players’ minds as well as bodies as brain trauma can have long-lasting effects beyond their current day-to-day and season activities.”

A leader in concussion treatment, COR partner Empire Therapy was recently featured in the Spokesman-Review – READ STORY [+]

COR offers a wide range of services that can help any individual improve their health and wellness.

“We are looking forward to working with the Spokane Sounders in helping them ensure the health and safety of their players,” said Dr Arman Mohsenian, a specialist in Occupational Therapy at COR.

“As an integrated health team, COR offers a range of treatment options to empower your journey toward wellness. Whether you’re looking to find physical, emotional, cognitive, or nutritional changes, we’ll map out an integrated plan to hit your goals. We are here to provide Lifestyle Wellness and Preventative Medicine.”

For more on concussion services through COR partner Empire Therapy, visit:

visit CORINSTITUTE.ORG to see their full list of services at the Center of Rehabilitation such as…

Hyperbaric Chamber
Cryo Chamber
Sports Chiropractic and Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy
Lifestyle Medicine
Functional Medicine
IV Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Performance Training
Kinetisense Motion Analysis
Structural Integration
Pediatric Therapy
Near Infrared Sauna
Emsculpt NEO






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