Friday, April 27, 2018

The Spokane Sounders are excited to announce the slate of coaches for the 2018-19 girls teams. The club also unveiled the upcoming tournament and event participation list for all teams.

Among the excellent coaches back to guide the young ladies this year will be Kevin Moon, Dan Philp, Mike Oliver, Simon Thompson, Jason Bellefeuille and Robyn O’Connor – a stable of coaches that have extensive experience with the club. Taking on the leadership of some of the younger squads are Aaron Blackmer, Kevin Houston, Kasey Rubosky as well as newcomers Josh Patino, Lexi Brown, Matt Folsom and Torrey Finn.

“A lot of the credit for the club’s continued success as one of the top girls’ programs in the state is due to the outstanding quality within our coaching staff,” said Technical Director Abbas Faridnia. “The leadership among our staff will without a doubt keep that bar high through the upcoming year. We have NCAA Division I coaches, former collegiate coaches and players from all levels, and coaches that continue to further their education with USSF National A, B and C licenses. We are ecstatic for what the 2018-2019 season has for the girls players in our community.”

Coaches List
2000/2001 Rave – Dan Philp
2001 Rave – Kevin Moon
2002 Rave – Kevin Moon
2002 Shale – Mike Oliver
2003 Rave – Dan Philp
2003 Shale – Jason Bellefeuille
2004 Rave – Simon Thompson
2004 Shale – Mike Oliver
2005 Rave – Josh Patino
2005 Shale – Robyn O’Connor
2006 Rave – Lexi Brown
2006 Shale – Robyn O’Connor
2007 Valley Rave – Jason Bellefeuille
2007 Valley Shale – Aaron Blackmer
2007 City Rave – Kevin Houston
2007 City Shale – Robyn O’Connor
2008 Valley – Mike Oliver
2008 City Rave – Kasey Rubosky
2008 City Shale – Kasey Rubosky
2009 North – Matt Folsom
2009 South – Torrey Finn

Among the tournaments girls teams will play in this year are the Surf Cup, PacNW College Showcase and Vegas Players’ Showcase.

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