The Spokane Sounders are excited to announce that the club has added the Trace soccer filming technology as one of the program’s leading development and scouting tools.

“This is a phenomenal development for the club,” said Technical Director Abbas Faridnia. “The capabilities Trace provides as a leading match analysis tool are extraordinary, and we are thoroughly impressed after just our initial use of the system.”

The Trace platform is a unique match filming tool that captures games through an automated camera, TraceCam, and match analysis system that does not require any human assistance.

The cameras record the game without the need of someone manning the equipment. Following the upload of the data from the recording and players’ GPS sensors, the online software system automatically cuts the game into numerous playlists and highlights for both coaches and players to use for analysis and scouting purposes. The extremely flexible system also allows Trace users to edit and tag the highlights, create new playlists and download the video for their own needs.

“The ability to provide such an amazing, detailed analysis tool for our coaches and scouting aid for our member families without requiring someone’s time to film and hours from our coaches editing the footage is a game-changer for our program,” said Faridnia. “It also allows us to further engage players in doing their own critical analysis by challenging them to break down their own play, enhancing the learning experience.”

The technology’s highlight and playlist system creates a more advanced avenue for players / families to connect with college coaches in a more meaningful manner as well as a more comprehensive way for the club to further coordinate with affiliate Sounders Academy, creating additional opportunities for players with one of the leading MLS youth development programs.

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