Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Spokane Sounders are excited to announce what is arguably one of the most talented group of boys coaches in club history set to lead the 2004-09 teams during the 2018-19 season. The club also unveiled the upcoming tournament and event participation list for all teams.

Established Spokane Sounders coaches Berrick Rastok, Jesse Retan and Director of Coaching Mike Pellicio lead a group that also includes the outstanding trio of Tim Seely, Nick Hamer and Ross Mader, who recently joined the club. Also coaching some of the younger teams are Manny Faridnia, Josh Sharon, Adrian Washington, Nic Quiroga and Albert Navarette.

“I am ecstatic for the opportunity the coaching lineup has given the boys soccer players of the Greater Spokane area,” said Technical Director Abbas Faridnia. “Mike Pellicio did a fabulous and tireless job to put together another special group of boys coaches. The opportunity for a youth boy soccer player in our area to develop his game will be reached with the 2018-2019 Spokane Sounders lineup. The youngest age groups have possibly the best lineup of coaches in the history of Spokane. Tim Seely, Manny Faridnia, Mike Pellicio and on. It is a special time to be a Spokane youth soccer player. Looking forward to watching each of these individuals mold their respective teams and players with the curriculum of the Seattle Sounders intermixed with the developmentally proven way of our club.”

Coaches List
2004 Rave – Berrick Rastok
2004 Shale – Ross Mader
2005 Rave – Jesse Retan
2005 Shale – Nick Hamer
2006 Rave – Mike Pellicio
2006 Shale – Albert Navarette
2007 South/Valley Rave – Mike Pellicio
2007 South/Valley Shale – Mike Pellicio
2007 North – Josh Sharon
2008 North – Jesse Retan
2008 South Rave – Manny Faridnia
2008 South Shale – Nic Quiroga
2008 Valley – Adrian Washington
2009 – Tim Seely

Among the tournaments boys teams will play in this year are the Surf Cup, PacNW College Showcase, FC Portland College Showcase and Vegas Players’ Showcase. Several teams will also make a visit to the Sounders Academy in June to work with our affiliate.

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