Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Spokane Shadow Men’s First Team plays host to PDX FC Friday evening at Spokane Falls CC Stadium at 6:00 to finish out the 2019 campaign.

The team heads into the final game of the season after falling 4-1 on the weekend to OSA Seattle FC. The contest started well for the Shadow with some fantastic play in the offensive end, but they were only able to produce one goal for their efforts with Jake Levine scoring via Tanner Williams nine minutes in.

The visitors were able to pull even in the 28th and added another just before halftime for a lead at the break. A third in the 68th gave them command of the match and a penalty five minutes from time locked up the result, eliminating Spokane from the postseason picture.

Shadow U23

Facing two of the top sides from their Rainier Conference in EPLWA, the Shadow U23s fell 2-0 twice on the weekend. Washington Premier controlled much of the match Saturday, but were only able to get two past Peter Byrne in the 16th and 77th minutes. Sunday’s contest with PacNW was a more evenly played affair, but the league’s all-time leading scorer Tyler Bjork did what he does and broke through with two goals in the final 10 minutes to give the visitors the victory.

COMING UP… Friday & Saturday

The Shadow men’s sides close out their home slate this weekend with one game each. The First Team plays host to PDX FC Friday night at 6:00 at SFCC while the U23s finish host Oly-Pen Force at the Spokane Shadow Polo Grounds Saturday at 3:00.

Sponsors: The Spokane Shadow Men’s First Teams program is proud to be supported by MultiCare Integrated Sports Medicine, adidas, Dairy Queen of Airway Heights, RH Cooke & Associates Real Estate, Prime Lending and Wolff, Hislop & Crockett Attorneys. If you are interested in becoming a supporting sponsor, please contact Nick Piger at

Current NPSL NW Standings

Crossfire Redmond 7-2-1… 22 points
OSA Seattle FC 5-4-0… 15 points
FCM Portland 4-3-1… 13 points
Spokane Shadow 3-4-2… 11 points
PDX FC 1-7-0… 3 points
(10-game schedules, 2 playoff berths)

Saturday NPSL: Spokane Shadow 1-4 OSA Seattle
SPO: Jake Levine (Tanner Williams) 9
OSA: Mirko Barbero (Valerio Anastasi) 28
OSA: Valerio Anastasi 44
OSA: Julian Avila Good (John Magnus) 68
OSA: Vittorio Sasso (pen) 85
Spokane: Bryan Hernandez, Davis Auth (Zach Bowsky 46), Ole Cloppenburg, Chase Howat (Jay Weinman 46, Bryan Maxwell 80), Jake Levine (Mike Rojas 58), Enzo Nalis, Mike Ramos, Chase Reidt (Danny Alvarez 75), Jesse Retan, Brayden Tucker, Tanner Williams
OSA: Valerio Anastasi (Avery Jacobson 88), Julian Avila Good, Mirko Barbero, Francesco Bazzano, Richard Bedats, Sakari Carter, Brandon Gonzalez (Vittorio Sasso 66), John Magnus, Jackson Ragen, Daniel Ribas, Malte Thesenvitz (Uriel Herrera 87)

Saturday EPLWA: Spokane Shadow U23 0-2 Washington Premier
WPFC: Own Goal 16
WPFC: Kyle Rivers 77
Spokane: Peter Bryne, Zach Bowsky, Josh Clay, Clayton Crockett, Kyle Halehale, Ty Lang, Luke Livingston, Rudi McClellan, Noah Prophet, Joel Samayao, David Uribe – Substitutions: Caiden Fickenscher, DeVonte Gorman, Luis Hernandez, Donovan Howat, Jay Weinman
Washington Premier: Carlos Rodriguez, Masahiro Fukishima, Logan Jones, Micah Wenzel, Eddie Brown, Alex Whiting, JJ Schmeck, Danny Minniti, Eddie Na, Stephan Murray, Brandon Madsen – Substitutions: Mike Arguello, Jared Butler, Kyle Rivers, Austin Stafford

Sunday EPLWA: Spokane Shadow U23 0-2 PacNW
PAC: Tyler Bjork (Sean Sent) 80
PAC: Tyler Bjork (Drew Cowden) 83
Shutout – Cameron Welty
Spokane: Luis Hernandez, Danny Alvarez, Zach Bowsky, Clayton Crockett, Caiden Fickenscher, DeVonte Gorman, Kyle Halehale, Ty Lang, Luke Livingston, Rudi McClellan, David Uribe – Substitutions: Azzam Azzam, Josh Clay, Donovan Howat, Noah Prophet, Jay Weinman
PacNW: Cameron Welty, Demian Alvarez, Tyler Bjork, Kante Hamadou, Ryley Johnson, Mumbi Kwesele, Jasper Malamud, Radcliffe McDougald, Ryan Sailor, Sean Sent, Kevin Stordahl – Substitutions: Mohaned Abdelzaher, Drew Cowden, Nicolas Miguel, Johan Muliadi, Briskan Shibale

EPLWA – Rainier Conference
PacNW 4-1-1… 13 pts
Oly-Pen Force 4-2-1… 13 pts
Washington Premier 4-2-0… 12 pts
Spokane Shadow 1-4-2… 5 pts
Vancouver Victory 0-6-1… 1 pt
(10-game schedule, 2 playoff berths)


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