Tuesday, December 4, 2018

After spending two separate weeks in Reno, NV, along with a developmental period in between, SSC Shadow Director of Coaching Mike Pellicio is now certified to instruct US Soccer Grassroots courses and the D-License.

US Soccer has undergone a complete revamp of its coaching education system which has seen the F-License and E-License replaced by Grassroots modules as the entry level of education for coaches in this country. A unique combination of three of eight Grassroots modules—based on the 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11 game models—will grant you entry into the new D-License, a course which Pellicio will instruct here locally in August and September of 2019.

While coach educators from all over the West Coast got together to learn US Soccer’s new methodology, including the Play-Practice-Play model and the US Soccer Grassroots Philosophy, Pellicio was especially impressed with the level of humility present in the group.

“I found the course to be the kindest and most open-minded experience I had had in education, whether soccer or academically-related,” said Pellicio. “The way that the coaches and instructors interact with each other, even the way that they treat the hotel staff, was a clear indication of the character of the type of person that US Soccer is targeting to be the boots on the ground in coaching education in this country. Needless to say that I am thrilled to be a part of this group”

US Soccer’s Grassroots modules, and the D-License, are intended to be easily accessible and low barrier for coaches looking to begin or further their education in the sport, enabling coaches to create a fun and developmentally appropriate environment for their young players.

“Continual improvement of our coaching staff is a must to provide the best service to our members,” said Technical Director Abbas Faridnia. “We persistently ask our coaching staff to continue to grow through educational development. Mike, as a director, fully believes and shows with his action of continuing to improve and now Mike has become an instructor and is able to teach our community the US Soccer Grassroots coaching courses and the D-License. We are proud as a club to have Mike as a director.”

Three staff members – Robyn O’Conner, Albert Navarrete, and Adrian Washington – are already taking Grassroots courses. SSC Shadow will hold a coaching education meeting in January that educates the staff on the new changes to the pathway and outline a plan to integrate US Soccer’s latest methodology into the SSC Shadow developmental philosophy.

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