Hello Spokane Sounders Families,

We are pleased to let you know that we have been approved to start small group training. We do ask that everyone follows the protocols we have put forth. We have worked with our sanctioning organizations, local health officials, and government regulations / recommendations to get us back on the soccer field. We also understand that we have to be fluid as recommendations and changes could still come forth from government, health officials, or sanctioning organizations. We do appreciate everyone working together as we all go through uncharted territory.

We will start training on Wednesday of the upcoming week. Moving forward each team will have twice a week training in a small group setting until we reach Phase 3, which at that point, we can have full team training. For Phase 2, the training day will be either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. For this upcoming week, we are not starting until Wednesday to ensure we have the field setup and proper items put into place.

Phase 3 protocols and schedule will be coming out next. While we do not know when Phase 3 will be allowed, we do want to have all protocols to you and also a schedule. Understanding that protocols could change based upon the government and/or health officials. If those changes require us to move scheduling around, we would at that time change the schedule as well. Our hope is we will not have any changes coming from the government and/or health officials, if and when we enter Phase 3.

We look forward to being back on the field. We do appreciate everyone's patience and efforts through this global pandemic.

For Players to Start Training

  • The player will need to be registered with the club
  • There is a new release / waiver that will be sent via TeamSnap. Each family will need to print and sign the release. Peggy will be at the fields to collect the releases from each player. This release is for COVID-19. No player can start training until the release is signed.

We will need the above completed by each player before they can participate as this relates to insurance, field usage, ensuring we are following protocols from our sanctioning organizations, health districts, and government policies and recommendations, etc.


Your players time slot will be communicated by your coach. The time slot will be a 45 minute session of small group training.

Reminder, Phase 2 training is optional. If a player decides to participate or not participate this will not be held against the player.

Field Location

Map and field # of your training session will be communicated as it is finalized. We do know this can be last minute for this week, though we just received final approval to start training.

We have attached the club's Protocols (pdf doc linked above). More in depth related to Phase 2 are below:

  • Five players max will be allowed per half of a soccer field.
  • Parents will need to park cars 6 ft apart.
  • Parents will need to stay in their car.
  • Coaches and Players will have to wear masks before and after training sessions. During the training session, masks are optional.
  • No contact, players must remain 6 ft of social distance throughout the whole time. From leaving their car to the small group training, to returning to their car, 6 ft of social distance must remain. The players will also remain 6 ft of social distancing during the small group training.
  • Players do not leave their car until two minutes before the start of the training session.
  • There will be 10 minutes in between training sessions to allow adequate flow of traffic to maintain social distancing.
  • Players are to immediately leave when the training session is over with.
  • Each player will remain designated with their small group throughout Phase 2. Small groups will not change during Phase 2. This means each player is only allowed in one small group session during phase 2. No open training sessions.
  • Coaches can have two small groups going at once. One small group on one half of the field and another small group on the other half. Coaches will be at least 6 ft of distance from either group and players at all times.
  • Each player will need to bring their own soccer ball.
  • No player may touch any of the coaches equipment. Only coaches can touch equipment, such as cones.
  • Coaches will disinfect all equipment before and after each training session.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available at the fields.

WELCOME BACK!          HAVE FUN!          BE SAFE!