Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Spokane Sounders 2003 ECNL Boys player Chris Peretti received an early holiday gift just over a week ago at the close of the Interregionals down in Bradenton as Western Regional Team member was named one of the Top 22 of the event from all four regions.

In addition to being recognized as one of the top players among the 2003 contingent he was invited to the upcoming US Youth Soccer ODP National Training Camp.

“The atmosphere was one that I have never experienced at any previous tournament or camp,” said Peretti. “The facility was amazing which added to excitement of the event. The players were all athletic and very capable. The coaches were of the highest caliber as well as, demanding and supportive of each player. We were challenged to push ourselves and stretch our capabilities. A thought I carried with me throughout the week was ‘Regardless of where you come from, opportunities will find you through hard work and it is your job as an aspiring athlete to recognize and seize them.’ This is what each of us did through this trip.”

Peretti was joined by three other Spokane Sounders players at the Interregionals. Levi Hawks and Interregional veteran Altyn Cader represented the 2002s while Tasyn Oosting of the 2005s was also on hand.

“Making the Western Regional Team is a big accomplishment and the three of us took this as a real honor,” Peretti said of his experience along with fellow older players Hawks and Cader. Each of us knows that we would not have made it to this level without the support of our coaches, our teammates, managers, and parents.”


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