Monday, February 11, 2019

A few of the club’s standout Spokane Sounders players were recently invited to major ODP interregional events or national training camps in Florida. In the continuation of a series of interviews, we catch up with Jadon Bowton, who recently returned from the USYS ODP Interregionals in Bradenton, Florida.

What was your reaction to receiving the news about being invited to return again for a third time?

I was ecstatic to hear that I would be returning to play for the regional team. I mean of course it’s an incredible opportunity to compete at this high of a level, even if it is my third year.

Having been there before, what were you looking forward to about going again?

I was definitely looking forward to the games. The games are always the best part because everyone is so talented and classy. It all shows on the field. Hanging out with the guys during free time is a close second, not to mention the food is always fantastic at IMG!

How was the camp – were there any new experiences or lessons you took from it?

Yes, of course. Playing for different coaches can bring a lot of new perspective for you as a player. Every time I’ve been to the camp and interregional event, I’ve been able to expand and improve my game tremendously.

Being your third time, there are probably some familiar faces. Have you established any friendships with other players from around the nation?

100%. I still talk to my team from two years ago almost everyday. I have some very close bonds with people all over the west coast and it’s all love when we see each other in person again. Some kids have been there multiple years like me, and there are also new faces. But, they’re all treated like brothers and the friendships that are made are truly special! I even keep in touch with some kids from the east coast every once in awhile.


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