Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Spokane SC Shadow is pleased to announce a new program has been created by MultiCare Integrated Sports Medicine for the club’s member players to treat, refer and educate injured athletes.

Starting December 3 MultiCare Rockwood Clinic will hold injury clinics twice a week to see patients without an appointment. This program and schedule will run through March of 2019 and may be extended or altered moving forward.

“We are excited to continue and further grow our partnership with MultiCare by providing extended opportunities for our athletes to be coordinating their care with Integrated Sports Medicine for the highest quality ability to recover from injuries,” said Technical Director Abbas Faridnia. “We are continually trying to provide as much opportunity for our players to achieve goals they desire and this is an absolutely amazing program. With the ability to treat and/or refer our athletes immediately on their path to recovery, we believe this is another avenue that continues to set the standard in our area.”

MultiCare Integrated Sports Medicine Injury Clinics

Integrated Sports Medicine is excited to rollout our new injury clinic. The injury clinic will be held at our facility every Monday and Friday, from 7:00am-8:00am, starting 12/3/2018 thru 3/2019. This injury clinic will operate on a first-come-first-served-basic. Every Monday we will be able to see the first 4 patients and on Fridays we will be able to see the first 6 patients.

The approach used by our team is to provide our patients with high quality service that surpasses their previous healthcare experiences. While at our injury clinic, the patients will be seen by one of our Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainers. The purpose of this clinic is to help treat and or refer patients in order to give them the best quality of care. Ultimately we want to help our patients recover rapidly and give them the necessary education to remain injury-free.

Injury Clinic Location
2420 East 29th Avenue
Spokane WA 99223

Athletic Training Staff
Timothy Matthews, ATC, LAT
Brittany Pulver, ATC, LAT

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