Monday, March 25, 2019


With a victory in their recent season finale to clinch their RCL-2 championship the Spokane Sounders 2006 Rave boys provided a historic moment for the club as their promotion will mark the first time in club history that there will be Spokane Sounders team in each age division of RCL-1 in the 2019-20 season, including two defending champions.

“It’s phenomenal to have all of our 11v11 Rave teams earning the opportunity to compete in RCL-1,” said coach Mike Pellicio, who also serves as the club’s RCL Director of Coaching.

“This is the first time that we’ve had this situation, all of our top teams in the top divisions. This type of consistency across age groups and genders is result of years of belief in what the club is trying to accomplish, not just from the staff but also extending to the players and families.”

Technical Director Abbas Faridnia was also thrilled with achievement reached through the club’s work and growth over several years. “What an accomplishment for all the players and families. No easy task! Dedication and effort is immensely seen from our players and coaches. A belief in the philosophy from staff and players and also the willingness to diligently put in the effort each day. A super proud moment for all in the club.”

The B2006 Rave side dominated their campaign with a 13-1-4 record that saw them go a dozen games (9-0-3) before suffering their lone defeat in the final game before the winter break. They then went unbeaten in their last five after resuming play in February, including a needed 2-1 victory at Whatcom with second place Seattle United still within striking distance on the final day of play in the division.

Thoughts from the Players:

“I love the style of play my team uses, fast passing and building from the back—it’s amazing how we play like professional teams,” said midfielder Logan Hendershott. “I feel like we play the best when we work as a team. It isn’t the most important thing that I score, it is that the team scores as one.”

“I like the Spokane Sounders because everyone works hard to succeed every day including players, parents and coaches,” said defender Howard Hull. “I hope I can keep developing with the Sounders because this is only the start.”

“We play out of the back and we invite pressure and then break their pressure. We come to practice with the attitude to get better. It’s high intensity training and we learn from our mistakes,” said attacker Lukas Loney, who also added one of the team’s apparent secrets is that “We’re all good to each other.”


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