A player from the earliest of ages and member of the club since the Spokane Sounders partnership formed in 2015 Tynan Silva has been a staple in the boys program.

Tynan recounts as some of his fondest soccer memories trips to the west side, where his team was able to take in a Sounders match as well as outings in Washington Youth Soccer state tournaments.

One of the players included in many of those moments was Eli Reeves, a friend and teammate of Tynan’s going back to his FC Spokane days as a younger player.

The favorite part of those trips though? “Going over to Seattle with my mom; and I would lay in the back seat and sleep the whole way.”

Tynan is extremely thankful of his mother’s role in his life, adding that he wanted to acknowledge “my mom for pushing me to keep playing even when I wanted to quit.”

The defender also was appreciative of his coaches for helping him improve his game with the Spokane Sounders, including working on “being able to ping a long ball and work as a team.”

He added that they also taught him “that I need to work hard for my spot, and nothing comes free.”

Tynan is heading to Eastern Washington to pursue a degree in business but offered some advice to players coming up behind him in the club.

“Work your heart out cause even if you aren’t the best on the field, coaches see grit and determination. Don’t panic when you get the ball. Make the right choice, and if you lose it win it back.

Quick Hits

Favorite soccer player(s)?

Mbappe and Messi – mainly because they both work very hard and are changing the game day by day.

Favorite soccer team(s) to watch?

PSG, Man City, Arsenal

What he’ll miss about club soccer?

Playing games and practices with all my close friends

Parent POV – Thuy Silva

We were not kidding about Tynan playing from the earliest of ages. He mother recounted that “Tynan started playing soccer at three years old after a U10 soccer coach caught him dribbling the soccer ball around his players.”

It was not long before he was making memories that would last forever in her mind, chief among them being “his first goal. He just smiled with self-satisfaction that he did something good.”

And since he did start playing at such a young age, she’s seen a lot of growth too.

“He has learned to play different positions and build trust with his teammates. Always working hard to be a better player and teammate. His confidence grew on and off the field. He became more of a leader.

And now as he prepares to head off to college, she will miss “watching him play a game he loves with teammates that he respects.”


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