For longtime club member Landon Coddington, it has been a story of perseverance as he moves on from the Spokane Sounders to join Saint Martin’s this fall.

Eight years and three ACL injuries later Landon is headed to the next stage in his playing career, and it probably comes as no surprise the injuries played a key role in the goalkeeper’s decisions and among his memories.

“I am headed to Saint Martin’s. It was an easy choice when the coach was still willing to take a chance on me after my third ACL tear and a visit to the campus that made me feel at home.”

The most recent saw him return to action in time for the Ridgeline high school soccer season in 2022 and through the fall ECNL campaign thanks in part to those around him pushing him, including coaches Bryan Hernandez and Jesse Retan.

“They both pushed me to get back to a spot where I could compete at the next level and always have supported me while others haven’t. They are the reasons I am inspired to continue my playing career.”

One place from his club playing days he may be glad to see no more is Eastside FC’s Preston Park.

“I have good and bad memories there – but I got to play my first game back from two ACL tears on the same field I tore it on.”

Some significantly more memorable events, though, noted by the three-time EPD Regional Camp selection were ECNL Las Vegas, the ODP Regional Camp in 2019 and ODP Arizona. In addition to the ODP selections, other honors included serving as Ridgeline team captain and a GSL All-League Honorable Mention selection his junior year.

Having played since the age of five, Coddington has played alongside many players over the years with Zac Olson (eight years) and Cameron Kreider (five years) among them.

His teammates were the primary thing Landon said he would miss as he moves on to Lacey, Washington (near Olympia) for school.

“I will miss seeing my teammates who I’ve grown connection with over the years.”


Quick Hits

Favorite Soccer Players:

Ben Foster – he’s a very inspirational and outgoing guy as well as a very good goalkeeper

Favorite Soccer Teams:


Important Lesson Learned:

“There’s always someone better than you. Work to be better than that person.”

Advice for Younger Players:

“Have fun but take things seriously because there’s many lessons to learn and you will appreciate your hard work when you are older.”

Advice for Older Players:

“Take advantage of the time you have left, show what you’re truly capable of and keep up the hard work.”


Parent POV – Brian Coddington

Having seen his son go through the injury challenges, Brian said that those experiences helped shape Landon and led to one of his greatest memories watching his son.

“He has learned to handle adversity and to continue pursuing his goals despite the setback of three ACL injuries.

“Watching him take the field for the first time after consecutive knee injuries was something we’ll never forget.”

Landon’s game also improved over the years despite the challenge of having to watch the game from the sideline.

“His ability to manage the game from the back has come a long way as he has grown as a leader.”

Perhaps accentuated from missing so much soccer, Brian said that one thing he will miss about Landon’s club soccer is “the times he spent with his teammates.”








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