After a lengthy 10-year stint with the club Emily Todd is embarking on the next stage of her playing career with Gonzaga University following a successful Spokane Sounders and high school playing career despite any perceived physical limitations.

“I would say coaches telling me that it doesn’t matter how tall you are if you truly want something nothing matters but your effort and how much time your willing to put in,” Emily said about the mentorship of her coaches with the club.

And that advice paid off. Emily became one of the leading scorers in the program and helped her teams, including winning the Girls Academy Northwest Division as well as earning a GA Talent ID Selection and a previous ODP Regional ID Camp invitation.

That GA title led to a trip to Florida to play in the GA Champions League event and one of her favorite memories.

“Scoring a goal in Florida with 10 seconds to go to send the game to a shootout,” she said of her favorite club soccer moment, recalling one of the club’s peak moments as it was on the cusp of history.

She also garnered many accolades while she applied her club soccer lessons to high school, where she was a key driver in the performance of North Central for most of her time with the program. She was named the team’s Offensive Player of the Year three times and honored league-wide by the GSL on three occasions, earning Second Team GSL once and First Team twice.

Most of her other memories, though, centered around the interaction with teammates as she mentioned the plane rides, playing games in hotel rooms and the tradition of “traveling with Cami on all of road trips. It gave me lifelong memories and forever friendships.”

One of those trips included another favorite road trip memory of driving all the way home from California when their flight was cancelled.

Those bonds were what she said she would miss the most.

“The friendships and the memories. Getting to grow and learn with your best friends is something to cherish forever. the love and support this team gives is something so special. I wouldn’t be here in my career without this club and these people.”

One of those bonds, though, will continue on as she will transition to college soccer alongside teammate Abbie Sicilia at Gonzaga.

“I chose GU because of the great soccer program they are and getting to stay in my hometown and be supported by family and friends.”

Emily was extra thankful for “my family, coaches and teammates who have pushed me to become the player I am today.”

The encouragement and support of those those around her and the lessons from coaches shaped advice she offered for other players.

“Always work to your biggest potential and never let anyone else tell you you aren’t good enough or can’t do something. Work hard on and off the field,” she offered for younger players. And for the older players, “If you really want something, only you can make yourself get there. Nobody is going to do it for you. Push your teammates and yourself and make the most of the opportunities you are given.”

Quick Hits

Favorite Soccer Players:

Sophia Smith

Favorite Soccer Teams:

US WNT & Portland Thorns

Important Lesson Learned:

“My coaches have taught me to not get discouraged and not let one mistake define the player I am.”

Parent POV – Candi Todd

“She wanted to be out and about always playing, and loved kicking the ball around,” her mother said of Emily taking to the field at the age of four.

And although Emily has always been one of the smallest players on the field throughout her career, she has much growth mentally over the years.

As a player “soccer has helped her become structured and disciplined, which has helped her achieve her goals for being able to play D1 soccer!” Candi said.
And as a person club has soccer has led to “compassion for others and being able to make life-long friendships through the game of soccer! Which she will treasure always!”

Personal memories for her mother were difficult to isolate as favorites.

“I can’t even pick one! Ha. Just being on the journey with her has been amazing!

“Emily being so competitive – seeing her always compete over the years has been amazing and sharing it with so many amazing Sounders families over the years just makes me so happy! Wins or losses she genuinely has cared for her teammates and all the friendships she will take with her forever!

That experience has led to a lot that she will miss.

“All the memories we’ve made over the years and the amazing kids, parents and coaches who have become like family! Spokane Sounders has been amazing to us and we will forever be grateful!

She was extremely thankful to “all the Sounders coaches along the way – every one of them (she’s had many). They have all brought something that has helped Emily in some way; whether that is a play, striking, defense, offense or helping her get through struggles! She will forever be grateful to each and every one of them for helping her learn along the way and not only soccer but life skills!”


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