When it comes to recent club addition Emersyn Heuett, soccer truly is a family affair as she is following in the footsteps of her brothers by heading south to Eastern Oregon University in the fall.

Getting the opportunity to continue her career with the Mountaineers was such a key moment that Emersyn considers it one of her favorite soccer memories… and she hasn’t even stepped on the field for them yet.

“Being able to commit to the same school my brothers (Garrett & Dawson) are at, and getting the opportunity to show myself that my dreams as a three year old are coming true. When I went on my official visit to EOU, it was a surreal experience because it was something I had always wanted growing up with soccer.

“I chose EOU because of the environment around the team and campus, and the playing style and learning style. They also have a fantastic medical program – which I will be studying in – and a lot of lakes nearby! I also will still be near family, and will get to play some footy with the gorgeous view in the background of the field every day.”

The family aspect was also echoed by her father Troy.

“Emersyn’s mom Danae played college soccer at CC Spokane and Metro State, so I think her guidance and competitiveness led Emmy to set the goal of playing soccer in college as well. Danae’s involvement in coordinating soccer in the Spokane community allowed Emmy to meet a variety of coaches and players throughout the years. Emmy took advantage of any opportunity to guest play with other teams when needed, helping her to develop as a soccer player, but also teaching her how to integrate/meet/become friends with many other players.

“I think watching her two older brothers play soccer at a high level pushed Emmy to work hard through the years. They competed with each other at home in the backyard, it carried over to school and getting good grades, and they all have learned to support one another throughout each soccer/life experience that has come along.”

In addition to backyard soccer with her brothers Emersyn has played a lot of soccer with her final club teammates Kaiti Low and Addy Litscher.

“I’ve played with Kaiti for 7+ years in club and throughout high school and I’ve played with and against Addy ever since we were around 10.”

Emersyn and Kaiti helped lead Cheney on quite a little run her junior year, finishing as the third 3A seed out of the GSL and advancing to the state tournament, a moment she won’t forget.

“In high school, beating Mead to go to state. It was a moment that made it all worth it and really gave the feeling of satisfaction that we did it, and it was a game that I was really proud of myself after.”

Emersyn would go on to be recognized last fall as the team’s Defensive MVP and earn GSL All-League Second Team honors.

Among her favorite club memories, though, are more experiences with her family on and off the field on road trips.

“Traveling anywhere with my dad and mom. My dad coached me all my life up until this last season (with my mom as assistant most years), and I would do anything to be able to have those car rides to practices or trips to thrift stores after games again. As well as travel tournaments to Vegas or Arizona or anywhere with both of my parents because they’ve always been my biggest supporters.”

Thrift stores? It was a favorite road trip tradition for the Heuetts.

“Thrifting after away games… it’s something I introduced to my dad and it became our favorite thing this last season. The car rides with my parents in which I showed them every new song and we listened to Taylor Swift’s whole album for hours (they loved it).”

“One of my favorite trips have been either Vegas or Arizona. Vegas was so fun both times I went because we always did something new. It’s a place where it’s going going going, which was nice while we were there, but it was super cool to experience all the new places. Arizona has always been fun to go to for soccer tournaments too. Anytime I’ve been there it’s always been extremely hot and on the field was one of the hardest places you could be. But everyone enjoyed it and it was always a place where everyone came together.”

But Emeryson was thankful for more than just the road trips with her parents.

“They have taught me everything about life and soccer and I couldn’t be more grateful. If I didn’t have their support throughout the past 14 years I wouldn’t be where I am today or believe in myself as much as I do now.

“I also want to thank my older brothers for pushing me my whole life. They’re great soccer players and I have always been determined to beat them which made me overly competitive, but also gave me the drive to become better and work hard for it.”

Though she has only played one season with the club along with a few guest appearances over the years, Emeryson will take some lessons with her to the next stage of her career at EOU noting the importance of “quick decisions, and how you should always be attentive and read a play before it happens so that you can defend appropriately, and so you can have the play go how you want it offensively. You have to have an idea of what you’re going to do with the ball before it’s at your feet in order to be able to just create things once you have it.”

She added that it was important to “just to enjoy it. Don’t worry so much and focus on the little mistakes. Soccer is a game of mistakes, it’s how you change your habits on and off the field and how you improve on and make sure the mistakes don’t happen again. It’s a big learning experience for life off and on the field.”

“Four more years of this amazing sport and I’m so ready for it!!”

Quick Hits

Favorite Soccer Players:

Mia Hamm, Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan, Lindsey Horan, Julie Ertz etc. They all have demonstrated the amount of composure that they have on the ball, and the anticipation they have for when they receive the ball. I have always admired their stature when on the field. As well as I have always been a player who is really hard on myself and focused on the mistakes, but watching all of them showed me that everyone makes mistakes and that it’s just part of the game, no matter the level.

Favorite Soccer Teams:

USWNT & France MNT

What She’ll Miss Most from Club Soccer:

The life it has given me. I have played since I was 3 so it has been my life for the past 14 years. It had given me my best friends, and gave me the strongest connection through my family that it could. It also taught me a lot about life that I don’t think I would’ve understood the way I do now without soccer.

Advice for Younger Players:

Really focus on the fundamentals, and make sure you train both left and right feet. One thing that I am forever grateful for is how much my parents pushed me to use both feet, because now I don’t even have to think about which foot I’m using, and that’s something that stands out and what will make you feel more comfortable on the field.

Advice for Older Players:

Put in the extra work, you only get out as much as you’re willing to sacrifice and put in. You have no one else to blame but yourself so if you want it then work for it. Everyone can do the same things you can, it’s just what you do differently with it, and how much more work you put in for it, in order to change the outcome.

Parent POV – Troy Heuett

With a pair of slightly older brothers already playing soccer at a young age, it is no surprise that Emersyn followed the same path.

“Emmy was four years old when she started playing. We had started her two brothers at the same age, and she was interested after watching her brothers play.”

Since then there has been no shortage of memories for her father, who noted a few.

“In club soccer through the years, her teams won a handful of tournaments. A few of the championship games went into a shootout, and she was always willing to step up and participate as one of the kickers. Seeing her perform in a high pressure situation, and watching her celebrate with her teammates was really special.

“In high school soccer her junior year at Cheney High School, seeing her joy when they advanced to the state tournament, and they were a surprise team to advance that particular year.”

He has also seen a lot of growth over the last 14 years.

“Emersyn has always been a very technical player, and physically strong. Over the last few years, she was reflective on her play, and she knew that she needed to improve her agility and speed. She has worked hard off the field with personal training, putting in extra time each week to help her reach her goal of playing college soccer.

“I feel that soccer has helped Emersyn develop her leadership skills through the years. As a coach’s daughter for most of her time in soccer, she helped carry equipment, she discussed practice plans, asked questions, and gave her suggestions for what the team could be working on. Emersyn has always been great at making new players or guest players feel welcome, and took it upon herself to help them feel good about playing on the team.”

And although Emeryson has had a leg up with a pair of brothers that play and parents that coach, she has also had challenges.

“Emmy was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age seven. She never let it slow her down, and I marvel at her maturity, determination, and courage to manage her health, and play soccer at a very competitive level.

But that health challenge has not slowed her down or affect her eventful soccer life on and off the field, something Troy said he will miss.

“Club soccer becomes more than just watching/supporting your child. Club soccer allows you valuable time on car rides, hotel stays, dinners, etc. to engage in conversations and strengthen your relationship with your child. I will always enjoy watching Emmy compete on the soccer field, but I will miss the travel and experiences/time off the field to connect with her from year to year as she has grown into an amazing young lady.”


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