A former Spokane Shadow youth player that recently returned to play for Spokane Sounders, Elise Jones focused a lot upon family on team bonding when reflecting on her playing career.

Elise’s favorite memories and road trip traditions revolved around spending some time with family, noting that her favorite tradition was “my mom and I always went to Red Robin, and then after we would always get crumble.

“Going to Arizona with my family. I’ve been there three times for soccer tournaments. Every time I’ve gotten to go, I get to enjoy the sun and time with my family and teammates.”

Among those teammates are Emmy Hueutt and Katie Low, who she has played with for 3-4 years. Elise even added an additional thanks to Emmy’s father Troy.

“Troy Hueutt and my parents. All of them have showed unconditional support and have taught me so much. Thank you, Troy, for being my coach for so long!!”

Teammates were a key component for Elise, who said that one thing she has learned playing is that “you can’t do it by yourself. It’s helpful to accomplish your goals when you have a team beside you” and “to never give up.”

And Elise cherishes the sport and the role it has had in her life, conveying that in advise for other players.

“Soccer will change your life. You will gain so many lasting friendships and helpful life skills. So enjoy your soccer journey for as long as you can because before you know it, it’s over. Enjoy these moments while you can. Soccer is an amazing sport so play hard, work hard, and remember to have fun.

But it is not quite over yet for Elise, who will head to Spokane Falls CC this fall and play for CC Spokane, taking advantage of the affordable educational opportunity combined with a traditionally strong soccer program.

Quick Hits

Favorite Club Soccer Moment:

Doing team bonding with all of my teammates, especially putt putt

What will you miss most about club soccer?

My teammates and the bonds I’ve formed with them

Favorite Soccer Moment:

Scoring a header goal in my second to last game

Parent POV – Jerry Jones

“Elise joined soccer to try another sport and to play with her friends,” said her dad Jerry, and the rest was history.

Since she began playing, she has grown quite a bit over the years.

“She has become more confident and hardworking as the years have passed, and I’m proud of the woman she’s become today.

“She has worked hard to overcome many obstacles thrown her way, and I’m proud of her for sticking with the sport and not giving up on it.”

Along the way both have logged lasting memories. Among the favorite moments for her father was Elise “winning the Washington Cup when she was in 8th grade.”

He added that he will miss “watching all of her games and getting to see her brawl out there on the field.”


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