A player for the club the last eight years, Cami Hattenburg is preparing for her academic career at San Diego State this fall.

Playing since she was six years old, creating a familial bond with her teammates became an important aspect over the years to Cami, who noted that her favorite memory from club soccer was “having a team that feels like a family to me” and that one of her favorite moments was “going to Florida and living in a house with my team.”

She said that “learning to work as a team” was an important lesson from club soccer and offered bonding with your teammates as a key piece of advice for younger players.

“Have fun and start training your weak foot early. Make friends with your whole team because they are always there for you.”

Among the players she has counted on for many years are Peyton Dixon and fellow Mt Spokane Wildcat Olivia Olson.

With the Wildcats the GA Talent ID selection also found success, earning First Team All-GSL honors twice as Mt Spokane contested for the GSL title, winning the Turf War against Mead twice along the way – the rivalry games being one of her favorite soccer moments. In their senior showdown Cami scored the lone goal for the victory.

Time flies though, and now Hattenburg is preparing for college life.

“I’m going to San Diego State because I have always wanted to go to California, and I just love San Diego so much.”

With the change Cami said she will miss her time with the Spokane Sounders.

“The atmosphere at practice and games and always having support around you; and always being competitive on the field,” were among the things she said she would miss.

“It goes by fast so have fun while you can and always give your best effort,” Cami said she learned from how quickly it came to an end.

Quick Hits

Favorite Road Trip Traditions:

“Road trips with my friends and all the dads come and it’s always a fun weekend.”

Favorite Soccer Players:

Alex Morgan

Favorite Soccer Teams:


Advice for Older Players:

“Start the recruiting process early and email coaches all the time.”

Parent POV – Stefanie Hattenburg

Friends and family were also a theme from Cami’s mother, who noted her favorite memories were “all the travel and friends we’ve met in club soccer and Cami winning Turf War her senior year and her being the only person scoring.”

It was obviously the among the things she would miss most, saying “watching her play and the family we made.”

In addition to watching her play, Stefanie has seen her daughter develop on and off the pitch since first taking the field at six.

“She has grown immensely and has learned to be out in different positions when asked by Kevin. Cami has become a “better team player with better sportsmanship; and overcame a serious injury, coming back with full intention of playing varsity and playing her position.”

Appreciative for that development Stefanie was thankful to club coaches Kevin Moon and Josh Patino as well as high school coaches Shannon Stiles and Tera Davidson.

She was also thankful for “soccer being a great team sport and Spokane Sounders being a true family – we made lifelong friends.”


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