A defender that has been a part of the Spokane Sounders program the past three years; Addy Litscher is headed to Montana this fall to join Carroll College.

Addy is heading to Big Sky country not only to join a top soccer program, but with career aspirations beyond the game that will see her giving back to the community.

“It is a great fit for me academically and athletically. I will be a part of their highly ranked nursing program and the skilled soccer team at Carroll.”

The new stage in life will see her move on from the daily interactions with her teammates and friends, something she said she would miss most.

“I will miss the strong friendship I’ve formed with my teammates. I’ll also miss being able to work and improve my skills with people that I’ve played with my whole life.”

Among some of those relationships are a pair of teammates she reunited with as a member of the Sounders these past few years.

“I have played with Emmy Heuett and Kaiti Low when I was really little,” she said.

Addy has worked hard to get to this opportunity and credits some lessons learned over the past few years for where she is.

“You won’t improve by just showing up to practice and doing what’s required. Take every opportunity you get to improve and better yourself,” she said of what she has learned and that “coaches taught me to determine the attacker’s weak foot and force them to their weak side in 1v1 defending.”

Those lessons have proven fruitful for her, particularly in high school soccer where she has been a part of the powerhouse Gonzaga Prep program that finished first in her three years on the team in GSL and reached the state quarterfinals. In 2021 she was named most improved and the team Defensive MVP in 2022 along with Second Team All-GSL honors.

Passing advice onto the next generation, Addy said that younger players should “focus on the basics of soccer while enjoying the game. Respect your coaches, teammates and opponents because good sportsmanship is a huge part of being a good athlete” and older players should “take every opportunity you get outside of practice to become a better player and overall athlete.”

In addition to her coaches helping her improve, Addy credited her parents as a having a key role in her continued growth in the game.

“I’d like to thank my family for encouraging me to continue to improve and rise above all the challenges I’ve faced during my soccer career.”

Quick Hits

Favorite Club Soccer Moment:

Cold Stone after Escape Room

Favorite Soccer Player:

One of my favorite players is Crystal Dunn. I admire her quick decisions and speed on and off the ball.

Favorite Soccer Teams:

US Men’s and Women’s National Team

Parent POV – Nicolle Litscher

Apparently, Addy was quite a rambunctious little kid that led her parents to find an outlet… and it proved to be a great idea.

“Addy started playing when she was four years old with Soccer Tots. We thought it was a great way for her to get her energy out!”

Those initial years of Addy learning the game were among the most memorable for Nicolle.

“My favorite memories were in the very early years. I remember her “Green Gators” IEYSA team and the girls just running around like bees swarming a beehive.”

But as the years went by Addy would grow on and off the field, though as a defender swarming the ball continued to play a role.

“Addy has grown into a physically strong, aggressive, and determined player. Most importantly, she has developed a very tough mentality. She has had many great times on the field winning trophies, awards, etc., but she has also been knocked down by a couple of injuries. Her determination only grew stronger as she worked her way back to be even better.

“Addy is just a fun person. She has grown to have a strong sense of self and fierce determination.”

That determination was instrumental for Addy persevering through her injury setbacks.

“There were several coaches that were very instrumental in getting her to where she is today, both in high school and club soccer. I think the main contributor to her success was herself. Addy faced obstacles where she could have easily decided to quit, but she didn’t. She kept her focus on her goal of playing college soccer and achieved it.”

In addition to her high school achievements, Nicolle added that Addy helped her WE team win the 2019 Crossfire Challenge and Washington Cup along with earning a spot on the EPD team from 2018-20.

Though she will continue watching her play at Carroll, what will Nicolle miss about Addy playing club soccer?

“We just love watching her play. We will miss the fun tournaments, traveling to new and fun places for soccer, but mostly we will just miss watching her play.

“Soccer has been an amazing part of Addy’s life where she has developed passion, dedication, and perseverance. She has met many of her best friends through this sport, and we are very thankful for the time we got to spend on the sidelines watching her do what she loves.”




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