Tuesday, December 19

One of the younger coaches in the club, Cruz Galm is embarking on a coaching career as he continues his education at Gonzaga University.

His playing career blossomed during his high school years and found further success in college for CC Spokane.

“My soccer career really started as soon as I joined Tim Seely’s team my freshman year of high school. The next year I won the 2A state title with Cheney High School as a sophomore.

“After high school I played for the Spokane Falls and made it to the 2015 NWAC Final where we lost to Peninsula College 3-4. I played mostly center back in high school and played center defensive mid and center back in college.”

Not long after finishing up after finishing up his undergrad degree the current Sport and Athletic Administration masters student started his career on the sidelines.

“I have a passion for the game and believe America is teaching the youth the wrong way to play the game so I started coaching to correct that and train teams how European top teams train.”

One of the lessons from his playing career that he tries to instill in the youngsters on the pitch is that “accountability is most important.”

“I am inspired to coach because of the positive impact my previous and current coaches still teach me today and throughout my lifetime. I want to provide the same inspiration.”

And it is going well.

“I enjoy the feeling of seeing progress and improvement through sheer determination and effort; and how as a coach you can see the hard work paying off for the players.”

Still quite young himself and still a student, Cruz still finds himself rather consumed with the game, saying that when he’s away from the pitch you’ll most likely find him waking to watch soccer as well as continuing to educate himself – hence the pursuit of his masters degree.

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