Monday, October 4, 2021

A lifelong player since the age of five, Carlos Garcia is one of the newer faces on the Spokane Sounders staff, guiding some of the youngest boys in the club.

A native of Michoacan, Mexico, Garcia moved to California at the age of nine and continued his passion for the sport, playing through high school. And to this day you can find him in his free time away from coaching and working as a programming manager at a retirement home out on the pitch up to three times a week.

Playing though, was not enough for Garcia, who is in his first year with the club.

“What brought me to coaching was my love to the game and watching all the players grow and develop, as well as myself.

“I enjoy seeing the players grow and improve in practices and during the games. I want the best for all my players.”

And just as he enjoys seeing his players develop, the husband and father to a three-year-old believes in “motivation, being ambitious, focused and always being positive… to never give up.”

To that end, he has his own goals.

“I want to move up the ranks and get my licenses and manage a higher, older team in the club or high school team, college team… and maybe make it to the pro level.”

Off of the pitch, Garcia enjoys hitting the road, taking trips with his family. But closer to home you may find him online playing video games – most likely FIFA, of course!


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