Monday, May 6, 2024

The Spokane Sounders and Shadow are proud to announce the coaching staff for the Boys 2013-2015 squads for the upcoming 2024-25 season, presented by Boys U10-U12 Coaching Director John Palladino.

“I’m so excited for the upcoming season!” said Palladino. “My first year as a director of the U10-U12 Boys program was an absolute joy and I’m honored to continue helping our players develop at the most influential stage of their soccer journey.”

“It’s so important that our players develop a well-rounded foundation based on technique, awareness and acumen in an environment that reinforces their love and joy for the game. Our goal is to make sure our players, no matter what level, get a fun, safe, productive training environment where they will learn to play the game in a manner that will set them up for success as they grow. We truly love this beautiful game and are so happy to see our players develop not just in soccer, but in life.”

Boys U10-U12 Staff 

2013 Pre-ECNLRL – Jesse Retan
2013 Rave – Adrian Washington
2013 Copa – Skyler Moore
2014 North Rave – Carson Welch
2014 North Shale – Rafa Cuevas
2014 North Copa – Ryan Oberg
2014 South Rave – Carlos Placencia
2014 South Shale – Ish Rodriguez
2014 Valley Rave – Skyler Moore
2014 Valley Shale – Skyler Moore
2015 North – Jason Sandobal
2015 South – Cruz Galm
2015 Valley – Jacob Anderson
* 2015 – There will also be SJP teams for this age group.

Tryouts for these age groups will be May 13-16. With B2015 & B2014s May 13 & 14 and the B2013s on May 15 & 16.

Tryout Information and Registration [+]


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