Monday, March 11, 2019

Representing Eastern Washington and Idaho, Spokane Sounders players made a resounding impression recently at the Region IV ODP Championships in Phoenix, resulting in 40 invitations for the upcoming Region IV ODP Camps.

The five-day residential ODP West ID Camp is a unique opportunity for invited players to train and compete with the top players in the West and trained by high level licensed coaches. This year’s camps will be held in Oregon in late June and July.

“Having 39 players from our club invited to Regional Camp on the strength of impressive performances at the ODP Championships is nothing short of phenomenal,” said Spokane Sounders RCL Director of Coaching Mike Pellicio. “As part of a club-wide growth mindset, our players are not only consistently seeking additional opportunities, such as the Olympic Development Program, but also regularly thriving in these unfamiliar and stressful environments. The internal drive and willingness to seek out new challenges from our players never gets old for me.”

BOYS – 2002: Eli Armstrong, Jadon Bowton, Altyn Cader, Spencer Crithfield, Clayton Crockett, Raymundo Curiel, Kaden Evans, Caiden Fickenscher, Levi Hawk, Parker Mckeen, Gage Smith, Taylor Leach, Kaleb Vakalaloma… 2003: Dane Cobb, JD Layman, Chris Peretti… 2004: Remington Hanneman-Akins, Cameron “Rudy” Malloy, Maddox Marcelli, Abel Ramos… 2005: Landon Coddington, Cody Helbling, Zac Olson, Tasyn Oosting, Logan Mueller, Adrien Ferrasse… 2006: Forsman Owen… 2007: Erik Collins

GIRLS – 2002: Kaitlyn Harvey… 2004: Abby Morrow, Kylie Stiles, Mercedes Cullen… 2005: Cami Hattenburg, Ramona Robinson, Tess Keyes, Abigail Sicilia, Georgia Whitehead… 2006: Keagan Austin, Caylee Kerr, Inga Mitchell


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