First Teams - Game Day Positions Available


Whether you are seeking to volunteer, looking for an internship position or want to get a head start on a possible career in sports administration, there are a number of ways to help out for the Spokane Shadow First Teams this summer. Below you will find a number of Operational and Game Day positions with the Spokane Shadow are looking to fill for our slate of home games this May, June & July.

Most of these positions will require availability on weekends and a little prep work... but most are SUPER EASY!!

Field Operations Manager
Position entails overseeing the Game Day timeline is kept as well as serving as the liaison with the game officials, teams, ball kids and any other events taking place on the field. Get a field-side view of the game!

Match Promotions
Position entails overseeing all pre-game and game day promotional activities such as managing the Shadow Ball Kid Program, organizing 'Team/Age Group Nights,' creating and coordinating halftime activities and more.

Merchandise Manager
Position entails overseeing the sale of Shadow merchandise, particularly on game days. Person would be responsible for helping set up and close down merchandise location (setting up a tent) for each game day.

Ticket Booth Manager
Position entails overseeing the sale of Shadow tickets on game days. Person would also be responsible for overseeing ticket takers, will call and any other game day entrance activities.

Game Day Operations Assistants
This position is open to all and entails set up and take down of all game day materials, arriving early and/or leaving late to assist in tasks such as hanging banners, raising tents, preparing water for teams, removal of previous items, post-game clean-up (collecting laundry, picking up trash, etc) and assisting above positions during match time. Persons in these roles could also serve as back-up for other positions.

Match Announcer and/or Music Coordinator
The announcer position requires the ability to read the provided script as instructed in a professional and sportsmanlike manner. Ability to pronounce difficult names is important. The music coordinator should be able to manage a playlist we provide on iTunes or provide their own music and sound effects for use during the match in conjunction with the match announcer. All you gotta do is click buttons!

Anthem Singers
We welcome all persons interested in singing the national anthem. Experience is preferred.

Positions are all volunteer roles and may be modified/combined depending on applicants. If you are interested in any of the above positions, please contact Gerald Barnhart at