Spokane SC Shadow & Sounders COVID-19 Updates


Hello Spokane Sounders Families,

As we enter Spring Break, our thoughts are with all of our families of remaining healthy and safe. As a club we continue to strongly encourage everyone to follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC, Spokane Regional Health, and other government agencies. We are also hoping that many of you are remaining safe while helping our local community as much as possible. As we continue to monitor COVID-19, our club will follow the date of May 4th as set forth by Washington state’s governor. Our club will also remain flexible if any dates happen to change positively or negatively.

Scheduling of events and leagues, as with any items currently, are currently unknown of dates. Though we are continually working with our state soccer organization, our leagues, and also clubs here locally to have a solution as soon as we know we can go outside and play. Our sanctioning organizations have not confirmed yet what the exact plan is, as the leagues are also waiting for a confirmed process of dates from our health officials, government officials and other resources. As we work with our leagues to finalize confirmed plans, we will update our membership as soon as we can. Though, with that said, we are also currently working on multiple plans for the club, as we want to be quick and nimble in providing the process, once we know we can move forward.

For this upcoming week we will have our Individual Player Development Plan, Tactical and Psychological Homework assignments, and also keep a lookout on social media for some amazing interviews and other amazing features as we continue the culture of the club. (The Spokane Sounders FIFA 20 tournament is in full swing!)

We would love to see videos of your soccer player completing either the Player Development Plan or the homework! If you are ok with us sharing via social media, we will! Please send the videos or pictures to quinnl@spokanesc.org or gerald@spokanesc.org

Within your teams please take advantage of the zoom meetings and other avenues coaches have been working on. Coaches are working to continually keep the team cohesive and players spirits up as much as they can. Please remember, we as a club definitely strive and believe in our foundation that we together can make an impact in more than just the game. If your son or daughter are struggling with all the different dynamics of COVID-19 and the unprecedented situation we are in, our coaches and staff are here to listen and help.

Through these unprecedented times we are extremely grateful for our soccer players, our coaches and staff. Can not thank each of you enough for the dedication and time all of you continue to make to not only impact the game of soccer, but our community as a whole.

Enjoy the Individual Player Development Plan, put in maximum effort. Complete the homework, continue to put in the commitment to the game. I am stealing this from Kevin Moon 🙂 “You can’t fake commitment. You can’t pretend to be improving. You can’t act like you’re working hard (physically) when you’re training by yourself. You cannot feign focused work (mental.) You cannot pretend to put the hours in every day. You are committed or you aren’t. You are improving or you aren’t. You are working hard when you train or you aren’t. You are completely focused on your work as you train or you aren’t. You are putting hours in every day or you’re not. All of this is in your control at the moment. Parents can make you do it, coach can motivate you or coach you through it. This where we will see who is really pursuing their hopes and dreams and who just likes to talk about them.”

We can not wait to get back to normalcy and please stay healthy, safe and continue to work on your soccer.

In the Spirit of the Game,
Abbas Faridnia
Technical Director
SSC Shadow

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